Something New
[ intro ]

I’ve tried blogging many times before, and I have little more than old emails from WordPress and Blogger to show for it. But now I’m approaching my blog from a new perspective. I used to worry about getting people to read my content and finding a niche to entice readers, as though I’m a professional writer for Buzzfeed and have to meet a quota for page clicks.

But I don’t, so I won’t write as though I do. I want to write because I enjoy doing so, and because I want to be able to look back and see how I’ve grown and what’s changed. If I can somehow help or amuse someone along the way, that’s great! But I won’t let the prospect of my blog gaining a following consume me. I won’t perfect my site for SEO to rise three spots in a Google search. I won’t even use Google Analytics to see how many people visit. That Favicon took literally 20 seconds to make in MS Paint. What’s a Favicon? Google it! This is my journal you’re reading, and I don’t need to tailor it to the layperson anymore. I spent about three hours setting up the hosting for this site because I’m a nerd who enjoys doing that sort of thing, but I’d do the same for friends and family for free.

But because this is supposed to be similar in style to a journal, I don’t intend to be too specific about the details of my life. I want my friends and family to be able to read this and not doubt it’s me writing it, but not for someone who stumbles upon it or a future employer to get the gory details about how much I hate that I took out the student loans that I did back in undergrad.

Speaking of, why “ninetyseventh”? Simple: because at the time of writing, I’m in the ninety-seventh percentile by student loan debt held in the US among those who do. And it might seem lame to name something that’s intended to be a reflection of life after my student loans, but so is having to fork over a third of my net income to student loan payments.

This blog is for me, but if you’re reading it, thank you. I probably won’t know it if you are, but I’m glad you were here, nonetheless.