About Me

At the time of writing, I’m in the ninety-seventh percentile of dollar amount of student loan debt held in the US among those who do. I feel fortunate that my job pays decently. Roughly one-third of my net income goes to student loan payments, while another third goes to bills, such as rent, utilities and insurance. What’s left is for anything else, such as food, transportation, and entertainment.

It’s more precarious than I’d like, but I also feel fortunate that my budget is even in the black, especially in this climate. I have good friends and family, the best dog in the world, and have a decent work-life balance thanks to my government job. Better still, my job is in my desired career field and I enjoy going to work in the morning.

Even so, I’ll come home in the evenings and think to myself, “Now what? Is this what my life is, just chipping away at my student loans and paying bills, playing music and taking care of my houseplants, trying to fill the void and forget about my inevitable death?”

But then I remember, no, that isn’t it. My blog will be immortalized on Archive.org long after my death, and posterity will read it and learn from my mistakes, and it’s too late to turn back because they already archived the draft of this site now so now I have to commit or else anyone who ever sees it will think, “Christ, what a sorry excuse for a blog,” and I absolutely cannot have that be how I am remembered.

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